Casey Neistat Shares First Look At Shawn Mendes Documentary

24 September 2018, 13:08 | Updated: 24 September 2018, 13:11

Casey Neistat and Shawn Mendes
Casey Neistat and Shawn Mendes. Picture: Casey Neistat

By Chandni Sembhi

A first look at Casey Neistat's documentary on Shawn Mendes has been released, as well as a chance to attend a private screening.

The trailer for Casey Neistat's documentary about Shawn Mendes, the 20-year-old Canadian singer-songwriter has finally been released. The documentary will focus on his UK/ EU tour earlier this year, and is set for release on Friday 28th September.

As part of YouTube's Artist Story series and Neistat's 368 series where he produces content centered around creative people, Casey has focused on Shawn, how he makes his music, and his tour of the UK and Europe. As the latest in the recent trend of YouTubers making documentaries, we'll get to find out what life as an international pop sensation is like for Shawn.

As part of the release of the documentary, Casey is offering four lucky fans the chance to attend a private screening. Watch the trailer below:

In the 60-second trailer, we get a behind-the-scenes shot of Shawn vlogging, a little bit of an introduction into his background (did you know he was just 14 when he picked up a guitar?), we find out about his rise to fame, how he never thought his life would be like this, and there's footage of his gigs, as well as him doing more normal things like skateboarding through an airport.

Two lucky fans (with one guest each) are being offered the chance to attend a private screening of the documentary on the 27th September - a day before the general release. As well as watching the documentary, winners will have the chance to hang out with Shawn and Casey. You can enter here.

Are you excited for the documentary? What do you think of the trailer? Let us know!