13 Truly Wild Things We Learned From Caspar Lee's Interview With Nick Crompton

5 December 2017, 11:59 | Updated: 5 December 2017, 12:41

Caspar Lee interviews Nick Crompton from Team 10
Caspar Lee interviews Nick Crompton from Team 10. Picture: other
Benedict Townsend

By Benedict Townsend

Including the backstory behind 'England is my City'

Caspar Lee sat down with England native (for those of you who are unaware - England is the biggest city in England) and business guru Nick Crompton, to find out the truth behind the infamous YouTube group Team 10.

In the nineteen - yes, nineteen minute video (which I watched all of, by the way, so you're welcome for that), Caspar delves into Nick's past, his private life, his sexuality, Team 10, their many feuds and more. Also Jake Paul turns up throughout and acts like a pillock.

Nineteen minutes of this, lads.

Anyway here's a few notable things we noticed, and then the video will be at the bottom of this article for your viewing pleasure. Just set aside nearly 20 minutes of your life.

Some strange things we noticed

He got his start when Joe Sugg and Zoe Sugg

1. Nick says he makes 'a nice amount of money'

2. He says that the money hasn't changed him

3. Nick says that Team 10 does a lot of work with 'Make A Wish' saying: "whatever they want, they get."

4. Caspar asks Nick about Zoe's £50 advent calendar but he gives a sort of non-answer where he says he can't comment without knowing more about the 'business deal' she did.

5. Nick had a crush on Troye Sivan back in the day.

6. He's not a fan of Trump.

7. He's a big fan of Jake, and says that people don't know what he's really like.

8. On the Martinez Twins: He doesn't really know what happened.

9. Caspar manages to get the phrase 'England is my city' wrong, which, I guess, means he got it correct.

10. Nick says Jake wrote the line 'England is my city'.

11. Jake says he was bad at school, and genuinely thought that England was a city.

12. 'Everyday Bro' was apparently written in "an hour and a half".

13. Apparently the Joe Weller and KSI beef is real.

To get the full magic, watch the video here:

Nick is also nominated in the 2017 Unicorn Awards, along with a bunch of other YouTubers

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