Here's Why These Celebrities NEED To Become YouTubers

27 November 2015, 17:22 | Updated: 17 July 2017, 12:12

We the Unicorns

By Charleyy Hodson

YouTube is now creating it's own celebrities. Isn't it time actual A-Listers started flocking to social media site??

Celebrities are big business this century. If we're not idolising them in movies, TV shows or music videos, we're creating them out of vloggers, gamers and Viners. But just imagine how wonderful life would be if those two worlds began to merge...

We thought it would be stupid amount of fun to decide which of our celebrity faves would make unstoppable YouTubers and therefore have compiled this list for you to drool over. Let us know if you have anymore recommendations!


  • DANIEL RADCLIFFE - The 'Quintessential British' One

I mean, Dan is KILLING it with collabs at the moment anyway, so why not just get his own channel and continue with this wonderful British charming-ness every day of the week?! His awkward London-esque accent plus that ADORABLE face would be the ultimate combination to show the world twice over that we aren't all cheeky little Joe Suggs! He wouldn't even need to specialise in any sort of content genre, we'd all watch him for hours regardless.


  • TAYLOR SWIFT - The 'Addicted' One

If you've been on the Internet for longer than a minute, you've probably already had a conversation with Taylor Swift on Tumblr. Following this logic, it's only natural for T-Swizzle to move into YouTube and start on her next venture as the world's most interesting vlogger. Not to mention the level of collabs she would be able to do with all her celebrity friends, following their guest appearances on her 1989 Tour - check out the full list here to see what we mean.


  • HALSEY - The 'Fierce' One

She may have achieved fame on YouTube once before, but we desperately want her to bring it back on a full-time basis. We can see her being BFF's with the main Tyler/Joey crew whilst battling to represent the LGBTQA community for every single person on the planet. And as a prominent bisexual female in the celebrity sphere, her voice could save and inspire the hearts of so many people dealing with issues of sexual repression. Not to mention that any channel flooded with her music is something we'd immediately subscribe to.


  • BRENDON URIE - The 'Dorky' One

One word: topless. All of his vlogs need to be topless. He'd do topless challenges with Joey Graceffa. He would MAYBE do vlogs of his tour and musical things, but as long as they were topless. The thirst behind the acquisition of his YouTube channel has not influenced this article at all...


  • LOUIS TOMLINSON - The 'Relatable' One

With sister Lottie already slaying on YouTube with the freshest beauty tutorials we've ever seen, it wouldn't be difficult for him to slowly start his takeover of the platform. The universe would explode if daily vlogs of the 1D boys started to become a regular feature in our lives - even more so if we got to see Harry or Niall compete in challenge videos backstage. Let's be honest, Louis is the most relatable and adorable of the group, so even muting his videos and just staring in awe would be enough of a reason to make us subscribe.


  • ANNA KENDRICK - The 'Funny' One

Anna Kendrick is absolutely SLAYING on Twitter. Nonstop. We think, without a shadow of a doubt, she would be BBF's with Jenna Marbles and their daily shade/readings of people in everyday situations would be killer duo we don't want to live without any longer. Stop making so many amazing movies and get onto the Internet full time Anna, we need you.


  • MILEY CYRUS - The 'Quirky' One

Like her or loathe her; Miley Cyrus would have one of the most engaging and unique channels on YouTube to date. Swapping between crafting questionable objects all the way to twerking tutorials, Miley's videos would reach massive viewing figures as people find her so fascinating. She'd be another YouTube queen that thrived on her collabs with singers and drag performers, but she would make all the time in the world to feature her Happy Hippy Foundation and her close bond with current YouTube stars Gigi Gorgeous and Brendan Jordan.


  • JESY NELSON - The 'Trendy' One

And finally, we need a fresh beauty blogger who specialises in travelling the globe and sharing with us her humble yet jaw-droppingly perfect fashion hauls. And based on the addiction we have for Zalfie and Janya, vlogs with both Jesy and Jake would be couple goals and honestly would stop our heart beating from all the feels.