Chris Ingram Denies Misconduct Following Allegations From 16-Year-Old Fan

3 July 2018, 20:26 | Updated: 3 July 2018, 20:36

Chris Ingham
Chris Ingham. Picture: Other

By Josh Lee

Chris Ingham, of the Youtube family The Inghams, has denied allegations of misconduct, after a young fan accused him of sending inappropriate messages during a trip to Disney World last year.

On July 2nd, a 16-year-old former fan of The Inghams accused 30-year-old Chris of sending inappropriate messages. In a note posted to Twitter, she alleged that Chris encouraged her to sneak out and meet him alone at 2am while they both were staying at the resort.

According to the accuser, what started off as a typical interaction between YouTuber and fan turned into something that left her ultimately feeling "scared."

After posing for pictures with the Chris, the fan alleges, "he started messaging me about like mental health and stuff because I had told him my struggles.

"But then he kept messaging me saying he went on walks around the complex after midnight," she continued.

"He then kept asking me if I could sneak out of my family's hotel room to go for walks with him between midnight and 2am."

She added: "He messaged me multiple times saying how I was so beautiful and pretty and asking me why I didn't have loads of boyfriends at home."

According to the accuser, He said he would come to her room after he discovered she was alone, and suggested they sneak into the pool when it's closed - "he was contemplating going skinny dipping."

"I felt unsafe on holiday... and it took over my 'once in a lifetime' holiday," the accuser has said.

Chris denied the accusations.

An "official statement" shared to Twitter reads:

"We are aware that certain untrue stories have been posted on social media platforms in the last 24 hours regarding Chris. These stories are not true and the accusations made are entirely without foundation.

"We are all very hurt and deeply upset by these cynical attempts to damage Chris' reputation and will take whatever steps are necessary to preserve Chris' good name. We are taking action and can't comment further at this time.

He also confirmed that he's officially pulled out of this year's Summer in the City, citing the reason as "stress" due to the "false reports."

"As a result of the stress these false reports have caused the whole Family, the decision has been taken not to appear at the upcoming Summer in the City event next month. This is not a decision that has been taken lightly and we want to apologise to our fans for this."

One hour later, Summer in the City tweeted, "The Ingham Family will no longer be attending #SitC2018 this August."