Christine Sydelko Just Called Out Elijah Daniel For Behaving Like "A Martyr"

6 March 2018, 11:34 | Updated: 9 March 2018, 12:08

Christine and Elijah
Christine and Elijah. Picture: Other

By Josh Lee

Christine Sydelko has accused Elijah Daniel of behaving like a "Martyr" after fans complained that their @ Pack merchandise was never delivered.

Wait... what on earth is the @ Pack?

The @ Pack was an extremely short-lived social media squad comprised of Elijah Daniel, Christine Sydelko, Tana Mongeau and other YouTubers. When the group was announced in September 2017, Elijah Daniel said, "Unlike Team 10, I don’t want a collective fuelled by fake drama and money, I want a group fuelled by creativity."

However, the @ Pack slowly fizzled out without much fanfare, with Christine and Elijah's professional split back in January 2018 being the final nail in the coffin.

Okay, back to the story at hand

On Monday 5th March, a fan tweeted Christine to complain that they never received their @ pack merch, in response to Christine discussing her upcoming solo merch launch.

Christine responded by handing responsibility for the situation to Elijah. "It's literaly all Elijah's fault. He said he'd handle merch then ignored all his responsibilities and didn't fulfil orders," she wrote.

"I know this... sounds shady but I literally don't care anymore I'm not gonna sit here and let people think I scammed them when I was screwed over too," she added in a seperate tweet.

Elijah took full responsibility for the merchandise situation

He wrote, "It's 100% my fault," before explaining that he chose to work directly with manufacturers as oppose to selling through a specialist merchandise company.

"Running [a] business is very hard and a lot of work I'm trying my best but I'm still learning and unfortunately will fuck up, but I will make sure everything that got fucked up is fixed," he added.

In a now-deleted tweet, Elijah added that he hadn't seen merch complaints because fans had been tweeting them to Christine, which Christine claimed was untrue. "I have forwarded you every email and every tweet I've gotten and texted you about it every day for weeks, stop lying," she responded.

She then tweeted, "Don't act like a martyr for owning up to something that you were content to ignore until you were called out for it."

Earlier this year, Christine claimed that there had been "awkwardness" between her and Elijah since their professional split.

Speaking to We The Unicorns, Christine revealed that the pair "don't talk as much," meaning that "it's been kind of awkward" between the two. However she insisted they were "still friends."

Watch the interview below: