Christine Sydelko Reveals How Fat Shaming Abuse Has Affected Her

16 August 2018, 14:44

Christine Sydelko
Christine Sydelko. Picture: Emma McIntyre / Staff

By Josh Lee

Christine Sydelko has opened up about the toll fat shaming has taken on her in a series of Tweets.

Christine has historically appeared to take comments about her size on the chin, but on August 14th, the YouTuber revealed the true impact of hateful words.

I know I always try to clap back and seem unaffected by fat comments," Christine wrote. "But being criticised/harassed/judged online for my weight every single day is genuinely the worst thing I've ever gone through and I almost let it ruin my life."

Discussing the impact of being larger while also a public figure, Christine explained that hiding from the world when being harassed isn't an option for her. "Imagine everyone who's ever talked behind your back but they're strangers and they say it to your face every day but instead of 'she's so annoying' it's 'kill yourself disgusting fat pig' then multiply it by 1000... who the fuck wouldn't be hurt by that?"

Christine also revealed that she's currently looking to improve her fitness, and shared her secret for staying motivated - not looking at scales: "I measure success in things like being able to fit into an old t-shirt or having more energy," she explained.

YouTubers and fans alike rallied round Christine after her post, but it was Christine's mother, Pam, who had the most heart-warming words to offer.

"I am continuously amazed by you Sweets," Pam replied. "You have always been gorgeous and what’s outside pales in comparison to what’s inside. You have a huge heart. I can’t read the cruel comments, but I’m so glad so many see your real worth and value."