Christine Sydelko Has A Message For Fans Who Support Trump

28 June 2018, 11:06 | Updated: 28 June 2018, 11:16

Christine Sydelko and Donald Trump
Christine Sydelko and Donald Trump. Picture: Emma McIntyre // Pablo Martinez Monsivais

By Josh Lee

She's not playing around

Christine Sydelko has taken a stand against President Donald Trump, telling fans of hers' that support him, "don't support me."

Christine has been vocal about her dislike for Trump since he was elected to office in 2016. But after a fan attempted to call her out for her views, Christine took her anti-Trump sentiments to the next level.

After Christine tweeted that the "only thing" getting her through the Trump presidency is that "once he's out of office he won't be able to show his slimy face in public ever again without being heckled," a fan implored her to not "be that person that says 'don't support me if you support Trump'."

In response, Christine tweeted, "Don't support me if you support Trump"

Her tough stance has divided fans, with some supporting her beliefs as others urge her not to mix politics with entertainment (remember Trump is a reality TV star).