You're Not The Only One Waiting Impatiently For Christmas

24 December 2015, 11:00 | Updated: 17 July 2017, 12:12

We the Unicorns

By Charleyy Hodson

Is it Christmas YET?!

Every year, it feels like the run-up to Christmas just gets longer and longer. We're all bored now! We want the food, the gifts and more importantly some drunk Michael Buble dancing!

Thankfully, we can comfort you through this very difficult Christmas Eve by reminding you that everyone else in the world is officially bored of waiting for the big day. You want some proof? Look no further than the very next line of this article!


It's only the 24th?! Ergh, Alfie is not feeling it.

Alfie Deyes


Bethany is feeling not your festivity. At. All.

Bethany Mota


Connor is completely over all that Advent Calendar malarkey.

Connor Franta


Dan can't open his presents yet?! Not happy at all.

Dan Howell


Done with the eggnog, Grace is cracking onto the hard stuff to pass the time.

Grace Helbig


Ingrid has too many feels on Christmas Eve.

Ingrid Nilson


Jack has found the only way to pass through his Christmas Eve boredom.



Stop telling us it's Christmas tomorrow. It's not the same! Preach Jenna!

Jenna Marbles


Joe has officially had it with all the Christmas music. Where's the food already?!

Joe Sugg


Oh you're just enjoying being off school?! Good for you. All we want is it to be Christmas already.

Lilly Singh


There is no way Mamrie's making it through today without some hard liquor.

Mamrie Hart


What do you mean it's still the morning?! When will this day end?!



We have to watch Elf, for the 7th time this week?

Marzia Bisognin


What do you mean we have to go out for a Christmas Eve walk?! It's cold and I won't have WiFi.

Miranda Sings


That feeling when the sun goes down and Christmas Day gets closer and closer...

Olan Rogers


Everyone is too busy having fun with their family, so who the hell am I suppose to Snapchat?!

Phil Lester


Facebook tells us our Australian friends are already having their Christmas breakfast. So jealous.

Shane Dawson


You're too busy watching the seconds tick by that you don't even notice when people talk to you.

Sprinkle of Glitter


You try so hard to convince yourself that you don't care that it's not Christmas Day, but it's all lies.

Troye Sivan


Everyone has fallen asleep super early and you're just here like... I'm waiting for Santa gurl!

Tyler Oakley


It's 6am and no one is up, so you just have to wait in bed for them to get festive.



You finally hear someone leave their bedroom... and now it's officially CHRISTMAS DAY!!!

Pewdiepie (christmas day)