The Most Iconic Youtuber Coachella Looks, Ranked

16 April 2018, 16:56

YouTubers at Coachella 2018
YouTubers at Coachella 2018. Picture: Instagram

By Josh Lee

This year's Coachella was about two things: Beyoncé and fierce outfits. For Coachella 2018, YouTubers pulled out all the stops to put together perfect festival outfits. Here are just some of our favourite YouTuber looks from the festival, ranked in order of fabulousness.

11. Tyler's adorable dungarees shorts


10. Meredith Foster served us flower power

I worship at the altar of these white boots

9. Cloe Feldman proved there's no such thing as too much glitter when you're at Coachella

Shine on, Cloe. Shine the heck on.

8. Joey Graceffa's 70s AF ascot

Freddy from Scooby Doo, but even gayer. We stan.

Ken called he said he wanted his look back. 🧑🏼🌺🌴 #coachella

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7. Lauren Riihimakii DIY'd her own fringing, because #brand.


I DIYed a weird thing today for #sunDIY 🌈 link in bio

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6. Teala Dunn is queen of the fairies

This is so cute I don't even know what to do with myself.

| Coachella Coachella. Yes I’m wearing Pasties lmao!😂💕 #ootd #coachella

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5. Eva Gutowski served flawless festival eleganza, of course

Is it even a festival if Eva Gutowski isn't in attendance?

4. I could rabbit on about the Dolan Twins' Playboy looks all day

Hugh Hefner is smiling down on Ethan and Grayson (or up, but that matter).

Day 3

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3. James Charles has never been a modest "chap"

Suddenly I need to own fringed leather trousers.

2. All eyes on Tana Mongeau

Lowkey disappointed to not see a mugshot though.

1. Jackie Aina invented denim

The undisputed queen of turning looks, tbh. If there's a function happening, you can guarantee Jackie will be at the top of the best dressed list. Infinite slay.