Connor Franta Just Became The Face Of GAP And He Looks INCREDIBLE

26 January 2018, 12:41 | Updated: 26 January 2018, 12:43

Connor Franta modelling for GAP
Connor Franta modelling for GAP. Picture: GAP

By Josh Lee

Connor Franta is living all your retro dreams in this gorgeous new GAP advert

Connor Franta has joined a lineup of stars in a new ad campaign for GAP.

Connor, who already has his own lifestyle brand Common Culture, joined stars included SZA, Miles Heizer, Metro Boomin and Naomi Watanabe for the new ad campaign, which sees them all grooving to retro hit "Hold Me Now" by the Thomson Twins.

“The whole day just went so smooth and didn’t really feel like work or a job. It just felt like a fun day!” Connor said of the filming experience.

Discussing his personal style with Vogue, Connor said, "Growing up, I was always very conscious of what I was wearing, and I always wanted to look good. But at the time, I never really associated that with fashion. I associated it with being comfortable."

"I don't think it was up until about, maybe three or four years ago, when I really realized that fashion had so much power in shaping my personality and setting me up for success each day. Nowadays fashion is something that elevates my mood."

Another thing that elevates Connor's mood is the love he receives from his fans. He told Vogue, "It's forever giving me an ego boost. I feel like, no matter what I'm wearing, they're always like, 'Yas, you look so good!'

Check out Connor's new campaign below: