Conor Maynard was held at gunpoint in Brazil in attempted robbery

7 February 2019, 15:16

conor maynard gun brazil robbery
Picture: Twitter: Conor Maynard
Benedict Townsend

By Benedict Townsend

"I thought he had shot through the window"

Conor Maynard has recounted a terrifying experience that happened to him while he was in Brazil on tour.

"My manager and I were involved in an incident in Sao Paulo... we pulled up at a red light and suddenly a motorcyclist pulled up to the drivers window and started banging on the window... he was banging on the window with a gun and pointing it at the driver and trying to open the door."

The situation was confused and panicked, with the assailant pointing a gun directly at Conor and even smashing the car window near him. Thankfully, Conor and his manager were ultimately unharmed.

You can hear the whole story in these series of videos:

Conor says the language barrier created even more problems for them all, as they struggled to even report the crime after it had happened, or communicate with their driver as the ordeal was taking place.

Many fans offered messages of support

Conor reassured his Brazilian fans that this incident had not soured him on the country:

"I would never judge or base my opinion of a country on one incident... I had such an amazing time over there... I would happily come back."