10 Crabstickz Original Characters That Give Us Serious #ComedyGoals

6 November 2015, 13:20 | Updated: 17 October 2017, 09:39

We the Unicorns

By Benedict Townsend

The best of the best from Chris 'Chameleon' Kendall

Chris Kendall (aka Crabstickz) is a master of many things: impressions, acting - even singing: but if there's one that sets him apart from other YouTubers, it's his unparalleled ability to create and breathe life into original characters. It was dang hard, dang hard, to condense all his fanatastic characters into a top ten, but we battled through and we did it. Does that make us heroes? That's for you to decide (we are, yes), but in the meantime, get ready to laugh:


1. Chrios Kendallas

Let's start this list off with a bang. In this spot-on parody of Mexican teleplays, Chris plays an actor - who plays  every character. Pretty meta; absolutely hilarious.


2. Bad Phone Shop Salesman (Bad Phone Shop)

Chris' 'Bad Guy' is a character who has appeared in a whole series of sketches - and lemme tell you, it was harder than [SOME KIND OF GEOLOGY REFERENCE] to pick a favourite. But after much deliberation we've decided that Bad Phone Salesman takes the cake:


3. Johnny And Delilah (Smoking Pens)

There's no truer sign of creativity than the ability to create something out of nothing. All Chris had was some pens - and what we got was ... an epic romantic drama?


4. Big Brother Auditionee

While he technically plays a version himself in this sketch, the version is so....unique, that it totally counts.


5. Fridge Repair Man (Fridge/Freezer)

Sometimes you get something presented to you that is so utterly random and original that you just have to sit back and let it wash over you. We don't know where in all of Asgard Chris managed to get this character from, but he's great:


6. Becca Hodgkins 

A character that proved so popular that she had her own series of videos and even her own channel. She also managed to snag a collab' video with her idol Alfie Deyes.


7. Darren Styles 

Darren Styles is a hapless lad who is always trying to sell you a fantastic new product. In this installment, Darren is trying to sell you a system to learn the keyboard, bless him:


8. Colin Firth

Okay, fair enough - Colin Firth may be a real person, but this insanely good impression of him is too good not to include:


9. Enrique

Classic, beloved, highly distressed for no clear reason - Enrique really is a sugar-covered gem diamond. BONUS: This video also features Chris as former British Prime Minister John Russell, which is another classic character.


10. Nazi Interrogator (NAZI GOLD!!!)

In what may be the most accurate representation of the Second World War since Captain America: The First AvengerChris portrays an amazingly hilarious, milk-obsessed Nazi. Bonus points for the freaking SOLID accents throughout: