Creators Drag YouTube After The Site Begins Tinkering With Thumbnails

28 June 2018, 15:24

YouTubers are dragging YouTube
YouTubers are dragging YouTube. Picture: YouTube

By Josh Lee

The community is not happy

YouTube is feeling the heat from creators after they began tinkering with video thumbnails.

On Wednesday, YouTuber Rayo Gareca noticed that the thumbnails they had picked for their channel had been replaced by others. After reaching out to YouTube, it came to light that the website had replaced them with auto-generated thumbnails - but hadn't notified affected users first.

"We are running a small experiment where 0.3% of viewers will see an auto-generated thumbnail, instead of your custom thumbnail," they said.

While YouTube insisted that they "are not removing the ability to create your custom thumbnail," creators have been firm in their opposition to the "experiment", even at this early stage of testing.

"Who even comes up with these new 'experiments'," Alfie Deyes tweeted.

YouTubers from all over the world chimed in with their thoughts. American YouTuber Kat Blaque described the potential move as a "bad idea," while Riley Dennis slammed YouTube for running experiments "without our consent."

"At least opt-in to this if they want, but there's a reason we design our own thumbnails," she added.

YouTube is yet to respond to the complaints.