Meet CupCakke, The Sexually Explicit Rapper Taking YouTube By STORM

8 March 2017, 13:07 | Updated: 17 July 2017, 12:25

We the Unicorns

By Charleyy Hodson

Are you even ready for CupcakKe?

An artist described as "bringing realness to rap" and a "feminist icon" is taking over the YouTube music scene - and it's not just for her sexually charged lyrics. CupcakKe, or Elizabeth Harris, is the young Chicago rapper breaking boundaries when it comes to talking about topics such as slavery, paedophilia and having sex doggy style and it's time you paid her more attention.

Not only did her third album, S.T.D, get hailed one of the "Best Albums of 2016 So Far" by Rolling Stone, but she's also been linked to artists such as Charlie XVX and Lady Gaga in terms of her passion for her art. Affinity described her as an artist "so in charge of her sexuality and so careless about the vile opinions of others, how couldn't she be a feminist?!".

So, to celebrate her rise to Internet fame, here are the five tracks you NEED to hear.


VIEWER DISCRETION ADVISED: The following videos are incredibly sexually explicit. You have been warned, and CupcakKe sure as hell ain't gonna hold back.


In this first video, CupcakKe sings about her Vagina.

Unfortunately it's not on her main channel, but it currently has nearly 2 million views. we think the lyrics speak for themselves, and when it burst on the scene back in 2015, it was instantly one of the most talked about songs of the whole year.


Next up is Doggy Style.

In a recent video with Shane Dawson, CupcakKe reveals that she actually made the barking noises heard in this song all by herself. Everyone has uniques talents, okay?!


Her most successful song to date is Deepthroat.

The lyrics don't leave much to the imagination, but with 12 million views you KNOW CupcakKe is a rap force to be reckoned with. It's songs like this that represent the reason why Elizabeth doesn't want to be signed to a label, because the magic of this song would be "sugarcoated down".


Things take a more serious turn in Pedophile.

Here we see Elizabeth express her history of writing poetry for her church back when she was a teenager. This song discusses the perspective of a young girl who has been emotionally scarred by an older man. Subject matter aside, the track still has an include bang to it's beat and her rapping is untouchable.


And finally CupcakKe's queer anthem, LGBT.

An ode to her huge queer fanbase, LGBT sees the rapper turn out lyrics faster than anyone we've ever seen before. The music video is stunning and it's a marked difference from her most popular sexually charged tracks. She's "rolling with the LGBT" and is seen celebrating with a colourful crowd of unique individuals.