Brace Yourself: Here Are Dan And Phil As Emojis

24 November 2015, 13:39 | Updated: 17 July 2017, 12:11

We the Unicorns

By Benedict Townsend

Sorry in advance

Seeing as you enjoyed our Markiplier Emojis so much, we have decided to go full nuclear and give you what you (didn't know) you always wanted. Dan and Phil as emojis, ENJOY:


1. Sassy Dan Is The Empress Of Sass

Bow down, child.




2. Sassy Phil Is Philled With Sass

In the sense of being very sassy, I mean.




3. Sassy Dan With Emoji Eyes Is Delightful Nightmare Fuel

Those eyes see right through you. Right into you. He knows your fears. He knows your secrets.




4. Princess Dan Demands Your Unwavering Devotion

Elegance, defined.


dan princess


5. While Princess Phil Is Not Amused By Your Peasant Nonsense:

Look at that dyed fringe! Always stylish.


phil princess_edited2


6.  Sunglasses Phil Does Not Fear The Sun

Stay breezy, nerds.




7. Sunglasses Dan Has Got His Hater-Blockers On

Them paparazzi flash-bulbs can be so troublesome.



8.  And Here Dan Is ... OH GOD NO WHY

Dan is feeling cheeky!


dan tongue_edited-1