Dan And Phil Are Announcing Something Major This Week And The Phan Theories Are Wild

8 November 2017, 17:11 | Updated: 9 November 2017, 09:07

Dan and Phil big announcement
Dan and Phil. Picture: Other

By Josh Lee

What are Dan and Phil up to?

Dan Howell teased a Dan and Phil announcement on livestream this week, and naturally the Phandom has gone into overdrive trying to work out what the pair might have in store for them.

On Tuesday, Dan took to live streaming platform YouNow to reveal that something would be coming this Friday (November 10th). According to Dan, the announcement is "something that we've been meaning to talk about for a long time and have finally decided it's time to share with the world."

"So, hope you look forward to that," Dan added.


Since the tease, the Phandom's been all a flutter

Some of the theories about what it could be are pretty sensible

And some of them are completely wild

Of course, the inevitable Dan and Phil coming out conspiracy theory is doing the rounds

But most of the Phandom agree that, whatever the announcement, Dan and Phil are still the purest angels to have ever graced YouTube.