Dan And Phil Officially Unveil Their Board Game 'Truth Bombs' - Here's How You Play It

20 October 2017, 10:28 | Updated: 6 November 2017, 13:26

Dan and Phil board game Truth Bombs

By Benedict Townsend

This game is the bomb

After much fan speculation and teasing, Dan and Phil have officially revealed their brand new board game 'Truth Bombs'. The game was apparently invented by Phil (much like the 7 Second Challenge) as a way to break the ice when meeting new people. Dan and Phil showed off how to play the game in a video fittingly posted to their gaming channel:


What's the game all about?

According to Dan: "the idea of the game is to find out what your friends really think about you."

The game works a little something like this:

  • One person is the target of the round.
  • Everyone else has to answer questions about them, being honest and writing their questions on a card.
  • The target person then has to read through everyone's answers (they do not know who has written what)
  • They pick the answers they think are the funniest
  • They then have to guess who wrote those funny answers

Dan and Phil explain it best in their video, so if you're still a little confused, make sure to watch the video above.

Where can you buy the game?

The game is available in stores - Phans appear to have spotted it in Waterstones. It is also available online in many places, such as: