Daniel Howell got an “inappropriate” rainbow cake for his birthday and we're screaming

18 June 2019, 16:11 | Updated: 18 June 2019, 16:52

Dan Howell
Dan Howell. Picture: Instagram: @danielhowell / Twitter: @danielhowell

By Staff

"My most appropriate yet inappropriate birthday cake yet."

Dan Howell has celebrated his birthday in the best way with a rainbow cake after coming out as gay in a new video last week.

Posting to Twitter, Dan posted a series of photos of him holding a cake made of rainbow sponge with a rainbow made of icing on top and letters spelling out ‘Big D’s Big B’. By way of explanation, he tweeted: ‘My most appropriate yet inappropriate birthday cake yet’.

“Coming out one day and then licking a slice of rainbow cake that says “D’s” the next day is queer excellence,” wrote one commenter in response, while another added: “OH GOD HES UNSTOPPABLE NOW”.

Last week, Dan made a return to YouTube after a year’s hiatus with a video called ‘Basically I’m Gay’, explaining that he decided to upload the 45-minute video this Pride Month after originally planning to do it last year. "I always wanted to upload this next video in the month of June… It ended up taking an entire year longer than I thought but here we are again and now it is time,” he explained.

YouTubers rallied around Dan with messages of support after he posted the video.

“So proud of you for doing this so beautifully, on your own time and when you felt it was right. Welcome. Wish you all the love, happiness and sunshine in the world, always,” Joey Graceffa said on Twitter.

“So so so happy for you. happy pride king!” James Charles wrote, while Thomas Sanders added: “Amazing!!! Incredibly happy for you, man!! I wish you all the happiness and acceptance you deserve!!!”

Dan also spoke about his relationship with Phil Lester in the video, calling him his "soul mate": "We are real best friends. Companions through life. Like actual soul mates," he explained.