Daniel Howell Opens Up About His Struggles With Depression

12 October 2017, 08:58 | Updated: 6 November 2017, 09:43

Dan Howell opens up depression 2

By Benedict Townsend

"I even lose my appetite, which for me is crazy"

Daniel Howell has opened up about his depression in a new video. Dan got incredibly candid about the illness and offered a ton of advice for viewers who may also be struggling. He makes no attempt to glamorise his suffering, stating firmly that "I am everything I am in spite of this thing constantly holding me back." You can see his video here:



As you can see, this video is deadly serious. It was incredibly brave of Daniel to be so candid about an illness that has clearly caused him a lot of pain for a a substantial amount of time.

Some important lines from the video

  • "Depression can happen to anyone, but it is persistent then it is clinical depression.:
  • "Take basic self-care very seriously." Here Dan refers to things like having showers, eating right and getting proper sleep.
  • "Open up to close friends who can help you."
  • "I've been seeing a therapist for nearly three years now."
  • "The purpose of anti-depressants is to keep you stable, while you work on everything else." They are not a cure and you're not supposed to take them forever (Dan says he has now stopped taking them).
  • "The most depressing thing about this whole ordeal is realising that exercise helps in so many ways... For about three months now I've been doing about seven hours of training a week... My life is so much better for it."
  • Dan says that getting himself to the place he is in now has taken 'years' and that he still has depressive days.
  • "Don't listen to me, listen to an expert."


If you would like some help with your mental health, please visit the website mental health charity Mind, who have tons of useful advice.


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