Daniel Howell's Fashion Glow Up Is A Sight To Behold

7 March 2018, 11:41 | Updated: 7 March 2018, 11:44

Daniel Howell's fashion
Daniel Howell's fashion. Picture: Instagram

By Josh Lee

Daniel Howell is a fashion KING.

Despite being characterised as an all-black kind of gal, Daniel Howell's fashion game is so much more than the emo teen aesthetic he's been saddled with all these years. While Dan's always shown a little flair for fashion, and over time he's transformed into a fully-fledged fashionista. So to celebrate, we've ranked our 10 favourite Daniel Howell looks. Do you agree with our rankings?

10. Brit Awards, 2014

A flicker of fabulous underneath an otherwise unremarkable tux, Dan's Alexander McQueen shirt deserved more than the rest of the outfit. Still though, you can't fault that shirt. Next time, sack off the bowtie.

all suited up with @amazingphil! #BRITs2014 (pic stolen from @bbcr1)

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9. Pastel Dan, 2017

A look so iconic it spawned its own merch line, Dan's pastel aesthetic gave us the softboi moment we never knew we needed. I'd personally lose the heinous Coachella Hun flower crown, but Dan gets a pass as this was for a specific video concept.

8. Florals? For Dan? Groundbreaking, 2017

This look is super sophisticated in a casual kind of way, but it only places at number eight because deep down I think the whiskey cocktail is doing a lot of that work. Still cute though.

rare birthday boye v thankful for all the kind messages

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7. High-class emo Dan, 2017

We're supposed to be judging looks that break away from the all-black stereotype, but special mention has to go to this casual all-black look. If you're going all-black, you gotta make it look expensive with a coat that looks like it's really four coats, some boss-ass shoes and simple black skinnies. We stan.

6. Pure glamourpuss, 2016

Sometimes you just have to give the girls glitter, and that's exactly what Dan Howell did at the British Online Creator Awards back in 2016. Serving us James Bond meets Broadway Baby with just enough TV Magician to inspire wonder without being corny. Tens across the board.

5. Karamo realness, 2018

As Queer Eye's Karamo Brown proves time and time again, jazzing up a simple bomber jacket is the most efficient way to turn clothes into fashion. Black sequins give nothing but luxury, and that cheeky lil' earring gives the lightest touch of fem that takes the glamour factor of this outfit all the way up to a 12. Dan's really out here looking like a god damn pop star.

me arriving at your funeral

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4. Brit Awards, 2016

Somewhere between the 2014 and 2016 Brit Awards, Dan learnt that busy formalwear just doesn't need a bowtie, and Lord are we thankful for that. This is Dan's most stylish formal look to date: effortlessly cool with just enough flair to turn heads while still maintaining a level of restraint show's a proper sense of style.

all snazzy and suited ready to be mr totally professional host #BRITs

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3. Casual kitty, 2017

It's not every day dress to the nines, sometimes a lil' casual something-something can be just as stylish. And night shirt or not, this over-sized catstronaught (we made that up ourselves) tee is giving us East London, 90s throwback uber hipster moments.

2. Call me by your name. Or, just call me, 2018

Damn, Daniel. That's all I have to say. This shirt is everything.

1. Gotta have faith in your brand, 2017

A denim jacket is ALWAYS a great choice, but what elevates this piece to number one status is the perfect encapsulation of Dan's brand. The way the direct af message juxtaposes the ornate font of the embroidery feels like being asked to come inside someone's home and then having the door shut in your face. A mood.

a jacket that truly represents me thank you @calvinklein

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