Dan Howell went to Pride for the first time and had the best sign

8 July 2019, 14:01

Dan Howell
Dan Howell. Picture: Instagram: @danielhowell

By Staff

It was his first ever time attending Pride.

Daniel Howell attended Pride in London this weekend - and had a pretty amazing sign in tow.

Marching with a sign that read: ‘We’re here, we’re queer, we’re filled with existential fear’, he revealed on social media that it was his first ever pride event.

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In a video posted to Stonewall’s Twitter, Dan explained: “‘I’m here today at Pride in London, which is actually my first ever Pride in my life. I’m marching together on behalf of Stonewall with UK Black Pride and Mermaids, to show that when we’re fighting for equality, we cannot leave anyone behind, which is what Pride should always be about.”

He also posted a photo of himself holding the sign with the caption: “Dead inside but full of pride.”

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dead inside but full of pride

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The YouTuber uploaded a video last month called ‘Basically Im Gay’, explaining that he’d decided to come out during Pride month.

"I always wanted to upload this next video in the month of june ..it ended up taking an entire year longer than i thought but here we are again and now it is time."

In the video, Dan talks about his sexuality and his journey to self-acceptance. The video has since received over nine million views.

Meanwhile, Dan’s YouTube partner Phil Lester also recently came out as gay in a video called ‘Coming Out To You’ - talking about his experiences growing up and what advice he’d give to anyone going through a similar thing.