Daniel Howell opens up about his relationship with "soul mate" Phil Lester

13 June 2019, 22:36 | Updated: 13 June 2019, 22:53

Daniel Howell Phil Lester
Daniel Howell Phil Lester. Picture: Daniel Howell

By Staff

"We are real best friends. Companions through life. Like actual soul mates."

Daniel Howell has opened up about his relationship with Phil Lester.

Earlier this evening, Dan Howell uploaded a video to YouTube titled "Basically I'm Gay". In the video, Dan opens up about his sexuality and his journey to self-acceptance. Midway through the video, Dan turned the conversation to his romantic involvement with his long-term YouTube partner Phil Lester.

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After a dark and painful period through school in which Dan experienced homophobic bullying, Dan says he turned a corner when he met Phil. "Through the magic of the internet, I met Phil. And obviously we were more than friends but it was more than just romantic."

He continued: "This is someone who genuinely liked me. I trusted them. And for the first time since I was a tiny child I actually felt safe...we are real best friends. Companions through life. Like actual soul mates."

Dan stops short on confirming their relationship status now, preferring to keep his private life private.

"And I bet so many people wanna know so much more about that which, honestly, I take as a compliment, but here's the thing... I'm somebody who wants to keep the details of my personal life private (so is Phil)."

"Lots of people these days, thanks to social media, want to share and monetise every aspect of their life and then as soon as something changes suddenly it's this huge drama because everyone got invested in the story of your life like it's a soap opera...I don't want that."

In response to Dan's video, Phil started with a joke. "Me: When I make a video about my sexuality at some point it’ll be pretty low-key y’know. Dan: Hold my pride flag- *45 minute masterpiece later*"

He then added: "For real Dan has worked so hard on this video!! Super proud of him and the messages it sends 🏳️‍🌈"

Big congrats to Dan!