Daniel Howell and Thomas Sanders reunited at VidCon and it was pure AF

15 July 2019, 17:41

Dan Howell
Dan Howell. Picture: Instagram: @danielhowell / Twitter: @thomassanders

By Staff

He posted a photo with Thomas and other YouTubers at the event in California.

VidCon took place this weekend, celebrating its tenth anniversary, and Daniel Howell was in attendance at the event in Anaheim, California as a Featured Creator.

But behind-the-scenes, the YouTuber also met up with a crowd of other YouTubers, including Thomas Sanders, Charlie McDonnell, Molly Templeton (aka Mememolly), Anthony Padilla and, of course, his YouTube partner Phil Lester.

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The group posted a cute selfie online to commemorate the experience, with Thomas writing: “Honestly, the best way to end VidCon, by talking the night away with these lovely humans!!”

Posting to his Instagram story, Dan also wrote: “FRENZ. VidCon 10 was pretty gr8. Good to see old friends make new ones and see all of you who were so nice.”

Dan Howell Instagram
Dan Howell Instagram. Picture: @danielhowell

Posting to Twitter about his VidCon experience as a whole, Thomas said: "Quite honestly, this VidCon was amazing. I got to see so many amazing creators, had a delightful panel, sang with some incredible musicians, and meet so many of you wonderful supporters. Truly, this week renewed my spirits. Thank you all."

Elsewhere at VidCon, a TikTok party descended into chaos outside the event after hundreds of influencers were turned away and couldn't get in.

Dan Howell’s appearance at VidCon, where he took part in a series of panels and talks as a Featured Creator, comes after Dan came out in his first YouTube video in almost a year.

In a rare interview about the video soon after, he explained how releasing the video has affected his life. “It just feels like my whole life I’ve had this glass wall in front of me,” he explained of his coming out experience, “and so much of my personality, so much of my life, especially with me being a comedian on the internet with so many followers, people feel like they know me and they do, but it’s just that now there’s no obstacles in my life anymore.”