Daniel Howell's Dog Ate His Family's Christmas Cake And You'll SCREAM At The Pics

27 December 2017, 08:16 | Updated: 27 December 2017, 10:21

Daniel Howell's Dog Colin
Daniel Howell. Picture: Twitter // Daniel Howell

By Josh Lee

It wouldn't be Christmas without at least one food-based calamity, right? But while most of us have to deal with a dried out turkey or a few dodgy mince pies from a well-meaning but culinarily-challenged aunt, Daniel Howell faced something rather unusual, yet spectacularly on-brand. His dog, Colin, ate his Christmas cake.

"My family spent four hours lovingly making a cake, Daniel tweeted on Boxing Day. "But while we were playing Mario Kart," he continued, "our dog climbed on a chair and ate HALF THE ENTIRE CAKE."

Seemingly aware of his misdeed, Colin the dog was found "hiding in shame" under Daniel's grandad's legs.

Check out the hilarious pics of the incident. You just could't stay mad at Colin, could you?

One fan asked if Colin had perhaps been too hungry to resist the Christmas treat, but Daniel was having none of it: "He ate a lot of turkey there is no excuse," he tweeted. Apparently Daniel's dog was able to munch his way through the coconut and praline layers, but couldn't stomach the fruit. Typical.