Dan and Phil are going on hiatus to focus on solo projects

19 August 2019, 17:38

Dan and Phil
Dan and Phil. Picture: YouTube: Dan and Phil

By Staff

"We definitely feel like we’ve done every genre of big project we could do..."

Phil Lester has shared a new video which reveals some new news about his work with Dan Howell as their duo Dan and Phil, as well as revealing some new details about his career and personal life.

In the animated video, which is a follow-up to his ‘Draw My Life’ video from 2013, he talks about how him and Dan will be focusing more on solo projects now they’ve done “every genre of big project we could do” and talks about why the pair stopped making videos for their gaming channel.

“The thing is most people love DanandPhilGames just for being funny and the couch banter rather than having hardcore gaming skills action, so I think if we did feel like having that thing on the side again, maybe it could transform into something new in the future,” he explained.

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“As Dan and Phil, we definitely feel like we’ve done every genre of big project we could do together over these five years (apart from maybe a cookbook but we all know how much of a disaster that would be). So while we love creating together and we’ll continue to pop up on YouTube together for more classic content, maybe for the next secret project it’s time for Phil to think about the big dreams he’s always had,” he adds, talking about how he wants to explore his own solo projects.

Phil also shared how he’s neglected his social life in favour of his YouTube career and how it would be good for him to take some time to focus more on personal relationships.

“Obviously this career has given me so many adventures and experiences I could never have dreamed of, but outside of it, I suddenly realised how lame I am. I prioritised work so much I stopped making friends. I only have about four in London that actually wanna hang out and I’ve got no real hobbies except for exhaustively plonking myself in front of a video game after writing emails until 5am.”

Phil also spoke openly about his dad’s cancer diagnosis a few years ago, which he hasn’t spoke publicly about before.
“I had a phone call that I needed to come home as there was news about my dad’s health. I was asking what it was but they just told me to come home and talk about it. I knew it would be cancer before they even told me otherwise. Why wouldn’t they just tell me on the phone otherwise?” he said.

“It turned out that my dad had a very rare form of blood cancer. Though we never used the ‘C’ word in my house, he was so upbeat and determined to fight it, you’d think he was just suffering with a bad cold or something. He was really sick for over a year and had to have chemo and a full stem cell implant in isolation which can be pretty dangerous in itself.”

But after receiving treatment with an experimental drug, there's some great news - Phil’s dad is currently still in remission.

“I didn’t really talk about it online at the time as I wanted my online presence to be something you guys can come to to forget your worries rather than taking on mine. While this was going on, it made it harder as on the outside it just looked like I wasn’t planning anything new, when in fact I was trying to work on stuff at the same time.”