Phil Lester posts new video explaining why he collapsed at home

16 November 2018, 11:17

phil lester hospital
Picture: YouTube: Phil Lester
Benedict Townsend

By Benedict Townsend

Phil says he fainted twice in his home

Phil Lester has posted a new video in which he recounts a scary health episode.

Phil says he has experienced headaches for as long as he can remember but that recently they've been getting steadily worse - and this culminated in him collapsing in his home and blacking out.

Phil says he went to the hospital and had to have a series of tests on his brain to see if there was anything seriously wrong with him.

Happily, in his new video he says that there's nothing seriously wrong with him and that he is in good health.

Phil says the doctor told him that not was his brain in good health, but he actually has "a healthier brain than most people" (weird flex but okay).

So what happened? Well Phil and his doctor concluded that the fainting was a result of stress, with Phil comparing himself it to those fainting goats that the internet is obsessed with.

It was Phil's frequent awful headaches that probably prompted his episode. The doctor also noticed that he had a sinus infection, which is probably what brought on Phil's initial feelings of illness.

Good to hear that all is well in the mind of Phil! Here's hoping this doesn't happen again.