Phil Lester Just Revealed Why He Ditched His Emo Hair

16 May 2018, 11:54

Phil Lester
Phil Lester. Picture: Phil Lester // YouTube

By Josh Lee

The tea has been spilt.

Back in March this year, the internet was rocked by an emergence of a new Phil Lester. Gone were the emo bangs, and in their place stood a more mature and distinguished look - the quiff. Phil's hair cut certainly got fans talking, with some absolutely loving the new look, and others mourning the loss of Phil's signature fringe.

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Explaining that the emo cut was his "security blanket" style for eight years, Phil revealed that it was ultimately a pretty difficult hairstyle to manage. But when the idea of changing it came around, he was conflicted.

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"I got obsessed with, and kind of stuck in a rut with, the idea that this emo hair was part of who me - or "Amazing Phil" - was," Phil explains in his vlog. "And I couldn't possibly make a YOuTube video if I didn't have the iconic emo hair."

Phil wanted a change, but, worried that fans wouldn't like his videos if he had a new hairstyle, and wanting to "fly the flag... for emo kind," Phil went back-and-forth with Dan on whether he should make the switch. But thankfully, he plucked up the courage to take the plunge eventually.

Thankfully, Phil said he was "so glad" he made the change.

Watch Phil talk about his haircut below: