Phil Lester Reveals The Secret Word Written On His New Merch Design

15 August 2018, 14:27 | Updated: 15 August 2018, 15:25

Phil Lester hoodie
The symbols on Phil's new hoody spell out a word. Picture: Various

By Josh Lee

After several million years of waiting, the world finally has new Phil Lester merch!

On August 14th, Phil shared a couple of designs from his forthcoming merch line, which goes on sale today (August 15th).

While we've only been treated to a taste of whats to come so far, one garment in particularly has got fans talking - a white hoodie with symbols across the arm.

But what do the symbols on Phil's hoodie mean?

According to the man himself, the four symbols spell out "Phil" in wingdings - a kind of font that turns normal letters into code.

The merch designs won't be new to fans who have been following Phil's merchandise development closely. In May, the YouTuber asked fans to pick between two designs for the hoodie, one which featured "Plantboy" down the arm, and another that had "Plant" written in wingdings down the arm.

Fans can shop Phill's full merchandise collection from the Amazing Phil Shop from later on today.