Phil Lester comes out as gay in new video

1 July 2019, 13:05

Phil Lester
Phil Lester. Picture: YouTube: Phil Lester

By Staff

“So there’s something quite big I’ve been meaning to tell you guys…”

Phil Lester has come out as gay in a new video.

The YouTuber uploaded a video yesterday called ‘Coming Out To You’, talking about his experiences growing up and what advice he’d give to anyone going through a similar thing.

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“So I’ve known I was gay since I was about 12-ish… I think I first noticed when I was on a beach and I saw a beautiful, hot shirtless guy walking past with his stunning girlfriend. And I think most of my friends would have been like ‘wow I wanna be him’, but I was like ‘wow, I wanna kiss him’,” he explains.

“I felt a bit ashamed when I realised this. I felt like I’d been born wrong.”

“I’d missed out on a lot of life experiences and I had all this guilt and shame about my big secret, and that made me really anxious and stressed but it’s crazy because there’s nothing wrong with being gay yet you still feel really guilty about this secret that you’re keeping.”

“I still didn’t tell [any of my friends] though, despite being friends for years and them all being super nice people because I just felt like it was just a big deal and I didn’t know what to tell them or when or how so I just kind of left it.”

Phil goes on to explain how he waited until uni to start coming out to people, but still hadn’t told his friends from his hometown. “Until one fateful day when one of my Northern friends found me on the dating site and then they texted a screenshot of my profile to all of my friends back home. It wasn’t malicious, they didn’t think it through, they thought it’d be something fun or scandalous, but obviously for me it was a huge deal. It totally out-ed me before I as ready and it made me so scared to go home and see these people.”

“It’s funny, you never stop coming out to people because it’s not like you do it once and then everybody knows. Every time I make a connection with somebody new, I’ll have to come out at some point. I mean, it’s not always relevant but sometimes you’ve got to slide it into conversation.”

Since uploading the video over the weekend, fans have been rallying around Phil with messages of support.

Last month, Phil’s long-term YouTube partner Dan Howell also came out in a video called ‘Basically I’m Gay’. Speaking about his relationship with Phil, he referred to him as his “soulmate”: "We are real best friends. Companions through life. Like actual soul mates."