21 Incredible Highlights From Pigeon Fest 2018

3 April 2018, 14:32 | Updated: 3 April 2018, 14:48

pigeonfest 2018
Picture: YouTube
Benedict Townsend

By Benedict Townsend

What an adventure from start to finish

This year Phil Lester took to YouNow to delight us with the magic of Pigeon Fest 2018, this year's instalment of everyone's favourite pigeon-based festival. And what an instalment it was - there were thrills, chills, spills (a small amount of bird seed was spilled) and a thrilling time was had by all.

We took the long list of crazy things that went down at Pigeon Fest this year and somehow managed to whittle it all down into a list of just 21 highlights. Behold:

1. The sign in the background

A great banner, totally sets the scene and gets you in the mood to look at some pigeons.


2. The name

Pigeon Fest, what a classic name! It's a festival, there are pigeons - it's really a name that sums up the whole experience perfectly.

3. The pigeons!

It wouldn't be Pigeon Fest without them! Gotta love those 'geons!


4. The silence! The long, crushing silence!

Man it sure is quiet here at Pigeon Fest!

5. The sheer lack of anything at all

They say if you stare too long into the void then the void begins to stare back. Sure hope that doesn't happen to me!

6. The bird seed

It's a great addition, a classic piegeon treat. It just wouldn't be a real pigeonfest without it.

7. My GOD it is quiet

The only thing I can hear is... hah... my own thoughts. My own damn thoughts. Man I wish there were some pigeons.

8. The lack of Dan and Phil

As pranks go, this is fun. It's a Phil livestream, but he's not in it! Haha! Classic Phil, if you ask me.

Would be good if he was here though.

Or, you know, anything was happening.

How long have I been watching this? One hour. One hour of my life.

9. I can't stop watching and I'm a little afraid

Can't tear myself away. That's... pretty sure that's not good.

10. When the wind blew the sign a little

Look at it go!


11. Man, for a pigeonfest there really aren't many pigeons

Like, I wasn't expecting flocks and flocks of pigeons but... one would be nice. Just one.

12. When the light came on



13. The small fake bird on the bird feeder

It's a great detail.

14. The plant to the left

It really opens the place up. A fantastic detail for a pigeon-based livestream.

15. When there was a police siren in the background

Probably on their way to arrest Phil for making a stream that's so damn good that it should be illegal!

16. Just like, just like one pigeon would be nice

Please... please just one. Just... something.

17. When there was the sound of a dog barking!!!!


18. Maybe the pigeons are running late?

They're probably just stuck in traffic. Pigeon... traffic...?

19. When they refilled the bird seed

Almost none of it had actually been eaten but hey, you can never be too sure.


20. Am I at the wrong fest?

Hold up, this might be a mistake I made. Maybe this isn't Pigeon Fest, maybe this is actually Abject Silence Fest. Maybe this is Stare Inwards Fest.

21. When the stream was attacked by a FREAKING CROW

Our lives flashed before our eyes.

Why was there a crow at pigeonfest? This isn't crowfest? So many questions, but it was all worth it for this. The build up, the suspense, all of the misdirection about pigeons -perfection. It was Crow Fest all along, and none of us saw it coming. Incredible. 10/10. Here's to Crow Fest 2019.