Daniel Howell Gave A Powerful Speech About Stereotypes During Interactive Introverts

7 June 2018, 16:29

Daniel Howell
Daniel Howell. Picture: Various

By Josh Lee

Dan and Phil's trip to Russia has been an educational experience.

Daniel Howell got real about stereotypes during his and Phil Lester's Interactive Introverts show in Russia this week.

Dan, who has been on a social media detox during his time in Russia, spoke directly to fans about preconceptions, and how their experience in the country shaped their views.

According to fans at the show, Dan said:

“People, they always stereotype countries based on the stupid stuff you read on the internet or hear on the news.... you know, it's the same, people are like - 'what are British people like, what are Americans like, ew, Americans, Russian people' - and it's like, we met all of you and you are all so nice. We just want you to know, okay, that we’ve came here and we’ve seen all of you and... the Russia we’ve seen, which is all of you people here - we love it. So thank you. We appreciate that.”

Dan and Phil have now completed the Russie leg of their tour, and have moved onto Germany.