People Are Genuinely Petitioning For Dan Howell To Star In A Winnie The Pooh Movie

20 October 2016, 15:17 | Updated: 17 July 2017, 12:21

We the Unicorns

By Charleyy Hodson

Are you going to sign up?

Yup. You read that headline correctly. Hardcore fans of Dan Howell have flocked in their thousands to petition for YouTube's favourite introvert to play the iconic role of Christopher Robin. With over 25,000 signatures, we think it's time for the petition to get a nice little boost and see if the power of the Phandom can get Dan Howell on the silver screen in a Winnie The Pooh live-action movie!

The petition, set up by Imogen Miller back in April 2015, is aptly titled "Give Dan Howell The Role Of Christopher Robin In The New Winnie The Pooh Movie"... because why not! Now, this petition was set up when Dan had only 4.5 million subscribers so we're pretty sure that now he has toured the world and released a top-selling book, he can easily get a couple MILLION more signatures on there!


Our favourite part of the whole petition is of course the open letter, in which Imogen goes into further details as to why Dan would be the perfect cast for a Winnie The Pooh movie: "All you need to do is look at a photograph of Mr Howell and instantly you see his resemblance to Christopher Robin, why wouldn't you want your childhood dreams to be portrayed by such a talented man?!".

Once completed, the petition will be sent to the Winnie The Pooh folks over at The Walt Disney Company and Dan Howell himself, as a real shot of him playing Christopher Robin is on the cards with a movie announcement. It's rumoured that the plot will revolve around "a grown-up Christopher Robin returning to the Hundred Acre Wood to reunite with Pooh and friends". WE NEED THIS NOW.



Let us know in the comments below if you sign the petition - and make sure you share this article with your friends so we can send this Winnie The Pooh petition sky high!