12 Dan Howell Selfies To Distract You From The Impending Nuclear Apocalypse

11 August 2017, 14:21 | Updated: 6 November 2017, 09:42

Dan Howell shades

By Benedict Townsend

The world can be a scary place and hey - we're all probably going to die soon - but who cares when you have these Dan Howell selfies to look at!

There are so many things to be afraid of in this world - not least the impending and inevitable nuclear apoclapse that will surely rain down on us all, leaving the world but a scarred tribute to a decadent species. ANYHOO, Dan Howell is a master of selfies, so we decided to compile a bunch of real good ones for you to put your mind at ease in these trying times. Enjoy:

1. With an elephant

What lovely creatures! Will animals survive the mess that humans have made? We can only hope.

2. These High School Musical vibes

Let the peppy vibes of this Disney classic distract your mind from international sabre-rattling.

3. This retro throwback

A throwback to a simpler time!

4. This intense mirror pic

More intense that the heat of a thousand ICBM's.

5. This pic with an unknown fan

So sweet of Dan to take pics with his fans!

6. This shady number

Perfect for shielding one's eyes from the burning light of a mushroom cloud.

7. This blep

Lookin' like a doggo.

8. This democracy selfie

Elections will of course be obsolete after the earth is glassed over but it's great to appreciate voting while we still have it.

9. This Guild Wars selfie

It reminds us of real wars, which isn't helpful actually for what we're trying to achieve here.

10. This cheeky squint

Apple products are one of the many types of luxury products that we should appreciate before they all melt.

11. This train pic

Move over, Girl On The Train.

12. This winter hat pic

Whether or not it will work in a nuclear winter remains to be seen.


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