We Watched Dan & Phil's TATINOF Backstage Tour In VR And Felt A Bit Sick

20 October 2016, 15:59 | Updated: 17 July 2017, 12:21

We the Unicorns

By Liam Dryden

Dan & Phil gave us a 360ş backstage tour of TATINOF, so we watched it with a VR headset. The motion sickness is real.

The Phandom has been completely spoiled over the past couple of weeks. Not only did you get two new TATINOF movies, a charity single and a music video; but now the boys have added a backstage tour on top of all of it. What's more, it's in mind-bending 360-degree vision!

D&P; take us on a video tour of the backstage of the Dolby Theatre, where they filmed the movie version of their epic tour. They walk around with a handheld 360ş camera, which will make you feel like you're a tiny person sitting in Dan's hand.

Here's how it looks when we turn it into a GIF:

tatinof 360

Naturally, with the phrase "VR" in the title, we had to try the special virtual reality mode out. Luckily, we've got the tech for it, with Google Cardboard in We The Unicorns HQ. Cardboard is a nifty product that lets us watch VR, 3D and 360ş videos as if we're right in the middle of the thing.

tatinof 360

Looks cool, right? Here's how cool we look using it.

tatinof 360

So yeah. A bit less so.

Anyway, we used this while Dan and Phil walked us around showing us their behind the scenes magic; and we had to stop after less than a minute. The fast camera movement, coupled with the odd shaky hand as they boys held the camera gave us some serious motion sickness. It's apparently not as fun to sit in the palm of Dan & Phil's hands as you think.

So while it was a great opportunity to play with our faves in VR, we'll stick to good old-fashioned vlogs for a while...

Check out Dan & Phil's 360ş VR backstage tour below.