David Dobrik just gave a tour of his $2.5 million house and we want to move in

25 June 2019, 17:53

David Dobrik LA house tour AD
David Dobrik LA house tour AD. Picture: Architectural Digest screenshot

David Dobrik opened up his home to Architectural Digest and we need an invite to his next dinner party.

You've probably seen David Dobrik's house plenty of times on his YouTube channel. The 22-year-old creator isn't shy about opening up his living space for videos. However, David just gave Architectural Digest the grand tour of his LA home and we feel like we've learned A LOT.

David brought his trademark sense of humour for the video, which saw him open up the living room, bedroom, office, recording studio, and outdoor areas of his $2.5 million dollar home.

David showed off his living room space along with photos of his family and a cool neon "clickbait" sign.

David Dobrik living room
David Dobrik living room. Picture: Architectural Digest/Screenshot

David also helpfully ranked his favourite siblings based on a photo in the room and gave us a look at an enviable (and very stocked) bar cart.

David doesn't have a dining table because he eats "really quickly" so, of course, he has a pool table instead.

David Dobrik house tour AD
David Dobrik house tour AD. Picture: Architectural Digest/screenshot

He also got real about the fact that he doesn't cook and explained that he has Chipotle "seven to nine times a week".

David's fridge is also super stocked and organised but he doesn't eat or drink anything in it (except for the water). He said: "I'm like a big water drinker." King of staying hydrated.

David Dobrik fridge
David Dobrik fridge. Picture: Architectural Digest/Screenshot

His bedroom was designed by his friend Reggie and assistant Natalie.

David Dobrik AD house tour
David Dobrik AD house tour. Picture: Architectural Digest/Screenshot

Obviously the entire room looks great but the TV can swivel around to face the door and that's all we've been thinking about since we saw it.

And then there is the studio he does not use.

David Dobrik House tour
David Dobrik House tour. Picture: Architectural Digest

David says it's "too professional" in there, but it's a nice room so I'd go in there for naps, ideally.

Basically, if you're one of David's 12 million subscribers on YouTube, you will have seen a lot of his very nice home. But, it's always nice to get the full tour.

Watch the Architectural Digest "Inside David Dobrik's $2.5M Los Angeles Home" video below