David Dobrik is getting a divorce after one month of marriage

13 June 2019, 15:26

David Dobrik
David Dobrik. Picture: Kevin Mazur, Getty / Instagram: @daviddobrik

By Staff

The couple got married last month in Las Vegas.

Well, that didn’t last long! YouTuber David Dobrik has announced he’s getting divorced from his best friend’s mum - just one month after getting married.

Back in May, David announced he’d married Lorraine Nash, the mother of his friend and fellow YouTube star Jason Nash.

"Last night I became my best friends stepfather by marrying his mother," he wrote on Instagram along with a picture of the duo in wedding attire. "So grateful for this opportunity. I'll treat you as my own. Love you Jason, now go take out the trash it's stinking up our living room."

But it looks like the marriage just wasn’t meant to be, as less than a month since the couple tied the knot, they’ve announced they’re going their separate ways.

“I am heartbroken to announce that Lorraine and I have decided to end our romantic relationship,” he wrote on Instagram.

“We wish this news would have come from us first, however, we know it’s difficult for the media to resist speculation. We have tried so hard to make things work. Sometimes in life you just aren’t enough for someone; no matter what you do for them or what you try to be. Lorraine, you have been my light, my muse and my confidante. You’ve taught me not only how to love another person but how to love myself. We will continue to love and support one another while being great friends and parents to our children. I thank everyone in advance for respecting our privacy at this time.”

Of course, many fans assumed the wedding was a joke, so it’s possible that the pair were never actually married in the first place.

David originally announced the ‘marriage’ in one of his YouTube videos in which he goes to Boston to propose to Lorraine before heading to Las Vegas to get married and then spending their honeymoon in Hawaii.

There’s no video detailing the divorce yet but, of course, we can only assume one is in the works. Let's hope they got a prenup!