Dodie Changes Name To “Do’ie” Ahead Of New Music Era

1 April 2018, 09:47 | Updated: 3 April 2018, 08:58

Dodie Clark
Do'ie Clark. Picture: Dodie

By Josh Lee

It's a huge change for the YouTube megastar.

Editors note: This article was a spoof piece created for April Fools Day 2018. None of the below is true, although you'll probably realise that when you read it.

Dodie has revealed that she is dropping the second “D” from her name to “signal a change in artistic direction,” ahead of the next stage in her career.

“With things picking up for my music in 2018, I wanted to refresh my identity as an artist,” Dodie told music website Gotcha Media. “When you think about it, ‘Dodie’ sounds a lot like Dido, that singer from the 00s, and the only other famous Dodie is Princess Diana’s former boyfriend, which has always felt like quite a morbid name twin to have. I landed on ‘Do’ie’ because it didn’t sound anything like anyone else in the public eye.”

When asked how fans should pronounce her new moniker, the 6/10 singer said, “a lot of people will think it’s like ‘doughy’, because that’s how you'd say ‘Dodie’ without the ‘d’, but it’s actually pronounced like ‘Doy’ - like the sound you make when you’ve just done something silly, or realise you’ve been super gullible - ‘Do’ie!’.”