Dodie hid an entire new song in her YouTube videos and no one noticed

23 January 2019, 11:25

dodie clark hidden song videos
Picture: YouTube: dodie
Benedict Townsend

By Benedict Townsend

Fair play, Dorothy, fair play.

Well, well, well, guess who is both a sneak and a magician, it's only goshdarn Dodie Clark. The Human singer (that's the name of one her EP, I'm not just pointing out that she's human) has released a new video in which she reveals that she managed to hide all of the lyrics to one of her latest songs in her YouTube videos for months, and no one noticed.

Yep! Dodie has been putting the lyrics to her new song 'Arms Unfolding' since April 2018.

What makes it even more wild is that Dodie not only said the lyrics in these videos, but she also worked to make sure that she was saying each of the lines in the correct musical note - meaning that if you play all the video snippets together, it actually properly sounds like the real song.

Dodie calls it a scrapbook song, and it's a truly wild listening experience. It's a genius move to play on the fact that she has a generally pretty light and song-like speaking voice anyway, meaning she could easily hide all her singing scraps.

Dodie says that she didn't see anyone who figured out her project ahead of time, although she did notice people saying things like: "Is it just me or does it sound like she's singing when she's talking sometimes?"

Nicely done, Dodie. Although you now realise that we're going to watch every future video you post with our ears pressed to our phones, trying to work out if there's a song hidden in there somewhere, don't you?

Human is out now and you can listen to it right here.