This dodie fan's Twitter tribute required a wild amount of dedication

5 November 2018, 11:46 | Updated: 5 November 2018, 11:51

dodie fan tweets in the middle
Picture: Twitter: @sincerelydodie
Benedict Townsend

By Benedict Townsend

Now that's dedication

One dodie fan has taken dedication to a tribute to the next level, by hiding the lyrics to dodie's song 'In The Middle' across of all of her tweets, for months.

Yep, Twitter user @sincerelydodie (fitting name) tweeted this week:

"i dare yall to read the first word of all my recent tweets down to aug 24th! you might find a little surprise (my pinned and this tweet dont count) ive been doing this for about two months and a half so yea, appreciate it <333"

Sure enough, if you go back through the tweets and look at the first words, the lyrics to dodie's classic song are spelled out.

dodie in the middle lyrics
Twitter: @sincerelydodie. Picture: Twitter: @sincerelydodie

dodie herself loved the effort.

The feat came to dodie's attention, with the singer tweeting simply: "this... is wild".

All we can say is - damn, nicely done!