REVEALED! These YouTubers Look Just Like Adorable Dogs

4 January 2016, 17:27 | Updated: 17 July 2017, 12:12

We the Unicorns

By Benedict Townsend

You need to see puppy Troye Sivan

We've consulted with the UN and now we can officially confirm what we have all long suspected: that some things look like other things. For example, when you think of a dog, what do you usually think of? A dog. But what if a dog was not a dog, but another thing? Woah, woah, stop crying and throwing-up for a second - we're going to explain all of this. Basically these dogs kind of exactly resemble YouTubers. See? Wasn't that hard, was it? Let's jump in:


1. This Dog? It Looks Like YouTuber Joe Sugg

Don't believe us? Try looking at the photos below, which are intended to demonstrate the resemblance. You'll also notice that the dog is YouTube Famous in it's own right. If you think you can tell these two apart, maybe you should take our quiz on the subject in order to find out that you can't.

joe sugg kermit - featured



2. If This Was A List Of YouTubers As Frogs I Would Say That This Is Tyler Croakley

It isn't though. It's YouTubers as dogs.

youtubers dogs



3. Alfie Deyes And His Dog Twin Are Loving Life!

Life can sometimes can ruff, but sometimes, everything is just fine.

laugh dog alfie_edited-1



4. PewDiePie Is A PewDiePooch In This Electronic Internet Photograph

Sweet headphones, bro.

pewdiepie dog _edited-2


5. Troye Sivan? More Like Troye NoChin

Look at that lil chinless pupper.

troye chin dog_edited-1