The Dolan Twins have begged fans not to turn up at their father's funeral

25 January 2019, 11:59 | Updated: 25 January 2019, 12:05

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Picture: Instagram
Benedict Townsend

By Benedict Townsend

It's unacceptable that they even had to do this

Ethan and Grayson Dolan has been forced to take to Twitter to implore fans not to turn up at their late father's funeral.

Sean Dolan tragically passed away at the beginning of 2019 after a battle with cancer. In response, both Ethan and Grayson posted tributes to their father and also announced that they would be taking time away from the internet in order to grieve.

sean dolan funeral
The twins with their late father. Picture: Dolan Twins

But now they have been forced to return to Twitter in order to urge fans not to turn up to Sean's funeral, after some fans started posting widely that they would be attempting to use the occasion as a way to try and meet the twins.

Ethan tweeted out:

"If you are a fan of Grayson and I we love you and appreciate you so much. The best way you could support us during this tough time is to NOT show up at our father’s wake or funeral. thank you guys and please please please respect my wish."

Similarly, Grayson tweeted out:

"Your kind posts about my Dad have been heartwarming. Thank you all. Again, please do not show up to his wake, funeral, or any of his services."

Most fans and fellow creators were shocked that the Twins had to do this

This isn't the first setback the twins have faced following Sean's passing. A small group of K-pop fans took the news of Sean Dolan's passing as an opportunity to make cruel jokes at his expense - leading to mass condemnation from the majority of other K-pop fans.

We wish Ethan and Grayson all the best at this incredibly difficult time.