The Dolan Twins Announce YouTube Hiatus

29 March 2018, 10:55

The Dolan Twins
The Dolan Twins. Picture: YouTube // The Dolan Twins

By Josh Lee

They've been feeling "stuck, creatively"

The Dolan Twins are leaving YouTube to try and figure out the next stage in their creator careers, the pair announced in a vlog yesterday.

Why are the Dolan Twins taking a YouTube break?

Explaining that there were things they need to "take care of" in their "lives beyond YouTube," Ethan admitted that they had been "running away from the fact that YouTube is kind of becoming a job and losing its spark for us."

"Creating videos and everything, it just doesn't have its magic like it used to," he added.

When will Ethan and Grayson return to YouTube?

The twins were very honest when discussing their eventual return to the platform, saying that they're "not sure" how long they'll be gone. But they did promise that they would eventually return "in a different place."

Watch the twins discuss their hiatus below: