These Drama Channels Are Causing A Huge Storm On YouTube For The Wrong Reasons

28 March 2017, 14:19 | Updated: 17 October 2017, 09:47

We the Unicorns

By Rosie Kolaki

Just a bit of fun or problematic? You tell us.

Soaps and reality television are popular for one thing... Drama! The ludicrous twists and turns of the latest story lines keep people hooked and tuning in for more. Love it or hate it, drama attracts viewers and YouTube is no different.

2016 saw the rise and popularity of 'drama channels' on YouTube much like E! News, these channels publish videos detailing all the 'gossip,' scandals and goings on in the YouTube community. Like Hollywood, YouTube have their own set of celebrities in the form of popular channels, and viewers want to know all about them.


That being said there are many who don't like 'drama channels' and label them as negative and intrusive but there are many more who tune in for their weekly fix  in the same way they would buy the latest gossip magazine.

So for those who are not in the know or are just plain curious here are a list of channels that gained momentum and really blew up in 2016.


The original self titled 'King of Petty;' 2016 saw this New York native cross over from beauty tutorials to full blown drama after his IMATS storytime ‘The truth about beauty gurus exposed’ detailing an experience with another famous YouTuber attracted hundreds of thousands of viewsThe following series of videos on beauty guru Jeffree Star only cemented his drama channel status! Delivering the 'tea' weekly,  Sanders is truly like Marmite - you either love him or hate him.


Karina Kaboom

Oddly enough the only female drama channel for quite a while, Karina's channel previously consisted of nail polish reviews but a video she posted detailing her negative experience with beauty brand plunged her head first into the world of drama.

Today Karina rarely posts polish reviews instead uploading multiple videos a week bringing the viewers all the latest breaking news and drama from youtube and her take on them. Controversial herself, she is infamous for disabling her comments which leaves a bad taste in the mouths of some viewers, begging the question she can dish it out but can't take it.


The Vegan Cheetah

Who knew the vegan world could be so explosive and scandal filled?! The Vegan Cheetah AKA Charlie gained huge popularity over the course of last summer with his brash, in your face but utterly addictive style of commentary. Like a YouTube Perez Hilton  he is known for documenting the goings on of popular Australian vegan, Freelee the Banana Girl and her then boyfriend Durian Rider as they stayed in Thailand. Such was his popularity his channel gained many non vegan followers.


John Kuckian

John's channel also started as a mixed bag; vlogs, uni experiences and tutorials were his thing but after making a video on US beauty YouTuber Carli Bybel, Jeffree Star and Sanders Kennedy,  interest piqued and the drama videos kept on coming.

Between September 2016 and now his channel has grown from under 20,000 subscribers to 282, 816!


Peter Monn

YouTuber Peter Monn gained immense popularity completely by accident when he posted a video on YouTubers he had recently discovered. His warm, witty and off the wall commentary saw his popularity soar incredibly over a matter of weeks. Getting shout outs from Shane Dawson and Jenna Marbles and even making hugely popular Trisha Paytas’ favourites of that month.


Here For The Tea

A recent addition to the game is Here For The Tea, a new breed of drama channel. Like drama channel meets investative journalism, her videos are like documentary exposes. Bringing to light underhand tactics in great detail and providing plenty of proof to boot.


What do you think of these channels? Do you think they're light entertainment or cause more drama than they're worth?

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