The Results Of These eBay Bikini Purchases Will Make You Weep!

27 June 2017, 16:06 | Updated: 17 July 2017, 12:26

We the Unicorns

By Hollie-Anne Brooks

What would we be without eBay? The iconic site still gives us a buzz when we're bidding on a rare TY Beanie Baby or signed photo of Gail from Coronation Street. But it does have a dark side too. We recently wrote about the hilariously disastrous prom dresses YouTubers had bought on eBay and how they weren't quite what they were expecting. Now there's a new trend - finding and trying on swimwear from the bidding site.


If there's one item you don't want to expose or embarrass you, it's swimwear. Nobody wants to be swimming up to the pool-side bar only for their bikini bottoms to fall apart or straps to come down. And, by the looks of things, these eBay bikini hauls would leave you naked as the day you were born after 30 second of light breaststroke (pun intended). We have been warned.

Hannah Renee

Hannah tries on several costumes and two-pieces for under Ł5, and it turns out that a lot of things really are too good to be true. Especially the white cut-out piece which proves to be entirely see through!



One of the queens of the eBay haul is Jasmine. So much so that she's done two of these videos. Prepare for an awkward breaking strap!


Can someone please explain to us what the hell that white lace Katie Price swimsuit is supposed to be?!

Demi Donnelly

If you have big boobs you'll relate to this video and the absolute tragedy that is the bikini disaster!


Our final disaster comes from MissTiffanyMa, who takes us on an emotional journey through the good, bad and ugly of eBay bikinis. If underboob makes you squirm then this video is not for you!


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