Elijah Daniel And Christine Sydelko Are Splitting Up And Fans Are Devastated

4 January 2018, 11:29 | Updated: 4 January 2018, 11:34

Elijah and Christine
Elijah and Christine. Picture: Other

By Josh Lee

Elijah Daniel and Christine Sydelko have announced that their parting ways professionally, after almost three years of producing content under their shared YouTube channel.

Since bursting onto YouTube back in 2015, Elijah and Christine have become one of the most well-known and best-loved duos in YouTube history. Their off-beat sense of comedy and warts-and-all social media brand set them apart from their mainstream peers, and earned them millions of fans in the process. But, sadly, all good things must come to an end.

On January 2nd, Christine shared a note to Twitter explaining their decision to split. "Vlogging as a duo has obviously been amazing but this is going to help both of us be more proactive in creating content this year, especially since we are both working on so many different things," she wrote.

While Elijah and Christine have been vlogging as a duo continually over the last few months, on Twitter the pairs' diverging interests have been more apparent, with Elijah focussing more on music. However, the pair have continued to release joint merch right up until the split announcement, with their most recent offering being a colouring book.

Christine also announced what sort of content fans can expect from her now

Explaining that she will take over the main Elijah and Christine channel, while Elijah will use their additional channel, Elijah and Christine etc. for his content, Christine revealed she would be focussing on "reaction videos, rant videos, gaming video" and more. Thanking fans for their support, she wrote, "I can't wait t see what 2018 has in store!"

Why are Elijah and Christine splitting up?

In a video entitled "why we're breaking up," Elijah said, "We're telling our fans the entire time, 'be yourself,' but at the same time we're focusing ourselves to make shitty content we don't want to make.

In the video's description, he wrote, "Our brand has always been do what you and make what you want, and we've both been feeling very constricted and unmotivated by ourselves, youtube and the characters that we created. We feel like separating channels is the best way we can go into 2018, by making what we each want and being happy."

On Twitter, fans shared their disappointment at the split

One called the announcement "the saddest day in YouTube history," while another fan said that while they "understand the whole Elijah and Christine thing," they're still "sad about it." But most fans were happy to see their faves stay true to the careers they want to have.

What will Elijah and Christine's new YouTube channels be called?

Their main channel, Elijah and Christine, has been renamed Christine Sydelko and will contain her future content, while their additional channel Elijah and Christine etc. has been renamed Elijah Daniel, and will host his future content.