Is The Elijah Daniel X Cupcakke Collab Really Happening? Here's Everything We Know

13 March 2018, 11:13

Cupcakke and Elijah Daniel
Cupcakke and Elijah Daniel. Picture: Other

By Josh Lee

Here's everything we know about the rumoured collab

Since late 2017, Elijah Daniel has been dropping major hints that he'll be collaborating with none other than Chicago rapper, Cupcakke. But is the collaboration between Elijah and Cupcakke really happening? Here's everything we know.

When did Elijah start talking about the Cupcakke collaboration?

Elijah actually announced a collaboration with Cupcakke in early December, 2017. On December 1st, he revealed he had already sent her files for the then-unnamed track, and went on to confirm that she would be on the album. He quickly deleted the confirmation tweet, most likely because the music hadn't yet been recorded and these sorts of things are prone to fall apart at any point in the creative process. Better to be safe than sorry, right?

In February the rumour mill was sent into overdrive when Elijah tweeted, "see you soon" at Cupcakke, hinting that the two would be together soon - to record, perhaps?

What's the name of the song Cupcakke and Elijah Daniel are collaborating on.

Cupcakke will reportedly be recording a guest verse for Eljiah's "Iced Out Dick," which was originally released in November 2017.

When is Cupcakke and Elijah Daniel's collaboration coming out?

So far, all we know is that it's due to be released this year. As of March 11th, Cupcakke's verse was still unrecorded. Elijah promised that Cupcakke would finish her guest verse when she completes her current tour. That tour comes to an end on April 20th 2018, so don't expect an Elijah Daniel x Cupcakke collab until at least the summer.

Has Cupcakke confirmed the Elijah Daniel collab?

There hasn't been any public confirmation on Cupcakke's end about the Elijah Daniel collaboration.