Elijah Daniel Posted A Video About David Dobrik’s Problematic Tweets And People Have THOUGHTS

29 August 2018, 17:52 | Updated: 29 August 2018, 17:54

Elijah Daniel and David Dobrik
Elijah Daniel and David Dobrik. Picture: Elijah Daniels David Dobrik

By Mia Collins

"The internet back then was very different"

David Dobrik is the latest personality to be dragged for his usage of homophobic and racist slurs online back in 2012.

However, this classic popular-YouTuber-gets-offensive-tweets-unearthed tale has a twist: Elijah Daniel, AKA Lil Phag, AKA the guy who recently got a school’s Twitter account taken down for a homophobic dress code, has made a video on the matter - but it’s not what you think.

The video, titled ‘David Dobrik is a racist homophobe too….?’ does not actually focus on David’s questionable language, but instead brings attention to the 'hypocrisy of cancel culture', and opens up a discussion as to why he’s critical of it.

Elijah begins the video by explaining what encouraged him to discuss this topic online: “What I’m seeing a lot of is dumbass YouTubers who have pasts that are being pulled up… I know a lot of the YouTube audience is young so you don’t really know what the internet was like pre 2012-ish, but it was really f**king bad. And I think a lot of people forget that.”

Elijah points out that nobody can be expected to have a perfect past, and argues that everybody can be problematic sometimes, making the whole idea of ‘cancelling’ redundant.

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“The issue is, all of your f**king favourites are problematic and that’s the f**king tea b*tch. If something bad about them hasn’t surfaced yet, it’s because they deleted it or it’s misspelled someway. In David Dobrik’s case, f*g but with 3 G’s, and that’s the king of YouTube… All of us are f**king bad people, like we’ve all said f**ked up shit, and none of it was f**king funny.”

Elijah argues that yes, using hurtful language is not okay, but he asks for understanding from viewers, and honesty from creators. Beauty guru Laura Lee was another YouTuber found to have racist tweets, and Elijah is not here for her apology.

“When you’re called out for these things you need to handle it properly. You can’t just f**king cry and blame it on being from f**king Alabama, like b*tch you said some f**ked up sh*t, it’s not your upbringing. I grew up on a f**king farm and still know that sh*t was bad to say back then like it was for attention we all wanted fucking attention.”

“Apologise to the people who are f**king hurt by it. Don’t say you’re sorry ‘if you were hurt by it’, no, say you are sorry for making f**king bad jokes, or tweeting the ’n’ word, or tweeting f****t or f**king any other word that you should not have said.”

Fair enough. Elijah makes some valid points, but fans are still divided on the matter. Some fans are even confused, as the matter of Elijah’s video is seemingly contradictory to his previously stated distaste for calling people out. As a result, some are slamming the creator for hypocrisy, without actually watching the video. Others dislike the video entirely, arguing that time should not make a difference in the matter of using slurs.

What do you think? Was Elijah right in his arguments? Or do you think that cancelling people is a suitable reprimand for using hateful language online?