The Westboro Baptist Church Thought Elijah Daniel Was Homophobic And Promoted His Album

6 August 2018, 10:52 | Updated: 6 August 2018, 18:46

Elijah Daniel's new album was promoted by the Westboro Baptist Church
Elijah Daniel's new album was promoted by the Westboro Baptist Church. Picture: Elijah Daniel // JCWilmore

By Josh Lee

The anti-gay church praised Elijah in a tweet publicising his album, "God Hates Lil' Phag"

The Westboro Baptist Church, an American hate-group that preaches homophobic bigotry under the guise of Christianity, promoted Elijah Daniel's new album, "God Hates Lil' Phag," after mistakenly believing it to be in line with their hate-filled values.

On August 4th, the church - which is infamous for picketing funerals with signs reading "God Hates Fags" - shared a link to Elijah's debut album. Praising Elijah, they wrote, "Nearly daily the hart of some clever soul around the world is moved by the Creator of All Things to spread the Bible picket signs by some creative means." The twitter account in question can be found on the Westboro Baptist Church's website,

The statement prompted an internet-wide dragging of the hate-preaching church, with fans of Elijah rushing to inform them that they had just inadvertently promoted an extremely gay album by an extremely gay artist.

"You do realise he's gay, right?" one fan tweeted at the extremist group. "This is the best day in a long time," another wrote.

"I'm not helping your message I'm fully making fun of you," Elijah tweeted in response to their promotion.

Several hours after the inadvertent promotion, the Church released a cryptic statement, seeminly acknowledging that they had been duped. "There've been some seemingly random references to [the Westboro Baptist Church] in various media modes, recently," they tweeted.

"Make no mistake," they continued. "That is because God is Our God,"

Unfortunately for them, #WestboroLovesPhags had already begun to trend in America by this point.

Encouraging his fans to keep the hashtag trending, Elijah tweeted, "we always focus on the negative let's focus on the positive for once!. Westboro Baptist Church just publicly endorsed and thinks god loves an album with lyrics like "yo dad sucked my dick, nut on his lip like chapstick."

Can I get an amen to that?

While Elijah's new album might not be the new anti-gay gospel, outside of music, the YouTuber has truly been doing the Lord's work.

In May, he began using his influence to advocate for Little Miss Flint, a young activist working to give the people of Flint, Michigan access to clean water after the supply was contaminated with lead in 2014.