Elijah Daniel Is Collabing With Drag Race Queens On A Song And We're SHOOK

16 April 2018, 13:02

Willam, Elijah Daniel and Aja
Willam, Elijah Daniel and Aja. Picture: Other

By Josh Lee

We are preemptively SHOOK

Elijah Daniel is working on a new song featuring some of RuPaul's Drag Race's most legendary queens.

On April 13, the YouTuber and rapper, who is soon to release a song featuring the iconic rapper CupcakKe, revealed on Twitter that he is looking for drag queens to feature on his album.

Clearly, a number of Ru girls got in touch either privately or publicly, because before long Elijah appeared to have a pretty sizeable roster of former contestants queuing up to hop on a track.

According to Elijah's Tweets, it looks as though Aja (season nine and All Stars 3), Willam (season five), Adore Delano (season six and All Stars 2), Detox (season five), Shea Coulee (season nine) and Jujubee (season two) will all appear on a track called "Drag Me."

There isn't a release date for Drag Me just yet, but whenever it drops we expect walks to be sissied with immediate effect.