Elijah Daniel is calling out a school that won't let his fans wear LGBTQ clothing

28 August 2018, 10:24 | Updated: 28 August 2018, 14:38

elijah daniel rainbow flag school fan twitter
Picture: Instagram: Elijah Daniel
Benedict Townsend

By Benedict Townsend

Elijah doesn't mess around when it comes to his fans

Elijah Daniel has been clapping back against a school that appears to ban its students from wearing LGBTQ related clothing. Elijah was alerted by a number of fans that a certain school does not allow students to wear rainbows or anything that relates to pride. Elijah, an out and proud gay man, was naturally not very happy about this.

Fans claim to have found direct evidence of the school banning LGBTQ clothing and symbols

So Elijah started to act

Elijah began to tweet about the school, petition the school online and encourage his followers to contact the school. He didn't come to play.

Fans are now battling with the school

Or at least with a school which appears to be the school in question. We'll keep you updated as this develops.


The school's twitter account has now been taken down.